Mini Tumble Tots

1-3 years old.

Classes are 45 minutes long & require parent participation. This program focuses on following directions, developing locomotor skills, and introducing gymnastics fundamentals.









Mighty Tumble Tots

3-6 years old.

Classes are 60 minutes long. This program focuses on basic gymnastics skills and technique in a fun and positive environment. Mighty TT's will work on the same skills as the STARS classes.

The STARS curriculum will focus on basic tumbling skills like rolls, cartwheels, handstands, round-offs, and front/back walkovers. More advanced tumbling skills may be introduced.

The ALL Stars curriculum will focus on the STAR skills and the back handspring. Students in the All Star Class are required to have all STAR skills including back walkover. 

The Super Star curriculum will focus on multiples, back tucks, tumbling passes, layouts, aerials, and full twists. Students in the Super Star Class are required to have a back handspring on their own. 

All Classes Have a Student Cap. Please Contact Perfect Score For Availability!

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